People searching for French property asked for better information.

Advertisers asked for effective tools to supply it.

So we created Breeze, and simply gave everyone what they'd asked for!

What more is there to say? Well...

  • With our unique location-based search criteria we've tried our best to make Breeze a refreshing change from the standard "How much money have you got and how many bedrooms do you want?" search sites.
  • We've put a lot of thought and hard work into our property database so that you can get a lot out of it, with ease - it’s a breeze actually!
  • We've been able to keep the site and language services completely free for visitors and we've also kept pricing very inexpensive for advertisers so that they can put all of their properties on line and provide more choice.

Breeze is the best way to find French property!

The site is owned and operated by Purchase in France, specialists in guiding clients (mainly English-speakers and new to France) through the French property purchase process. Our experience working with both clients and marketers in France has given invaluable insight into what people want and need from a property website. Breeze delivers it! Phew!